Roof Parapet Repair

A roof stucco parapet wall is the portion of the wall which spans above the roofline of your home. Because parapet walls are exposed to the elements, including extreme temperature changes and rainfall, they are highly susceptible to thermal and water damage. These problems cause the wall to develop cracks. Once cracks develop on the surface of the parapet wall, water will also enter through the crack. The water worsens the problem, causing delamination and peeling. As a result, you may find yourself facing serious structural issues with your wall. 

Here at Old Pueblo Stucco, L.L.C., we specialize in the repair of parapet stucco cracks. In addition, we have developed an effective repair solution that adds long-lasting performance to the life of a parapet wall. This approach includes the application of a high-strength, flexible, and waterproof polymer base coat with alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh embedded in it specifically designed to bond with traditional or “Synthetic stucco” finishes. Over many uses, this solution has proven to be effective. 

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